Tentative official artwork of Karoshi, the primary hero.

Welcome to the Karoshi Chronicles Wiki

This Wiki is about the Karoshi Chronicles game series and serves as a database of information relating to the series' characters, history, and artifacts.

The most prevalent primary character is Karoshi, although the storylines of other characters are followed at other times.

The primary and most accurate vehicle for the story is its games, although short comics do exist depicting previously canon story arcs. The games are classified as RPG Adventure games, with a focus on story, puzzles, and riddles. These games can be found in the threads of Ihsorak at,,, and

Karoshi Chronicles is in its infancy in terms of hard canon since the story is currently being reworked, so many of the character descriptions will change and grow as things become more solid.

Third Realm (II) using the RPGMaker game engine is the only released title right now, but future games are in the works.